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  1. Denied. Was contacting derp to see whether i should accept which i was planning on but you decided to go and start trolling when i was leaning towards unbanning you. Enjoy perma life. This is why you dont threaten kids then while your appeal process is ongoing you decide to be even more toxic. Just proves that what you said wasnt really a joke.
  2. User was salty over palmers ban. False reported other people. Just generally being a troll & toxic. For the discord ban that to is appealable. User can't seem to follow simple directions so user was banned after 1 warning. Original ticket for false report / trolling / abuse of ticket system https://tickettool.xyz/direct?url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/655922671107702824/680995640909496329/transcript-closed-0900.html Ban was upped to 2d instead of 1 after the discord thing the user is obviously toxic / trolly so longer ban is needed to get the point across that we don't have time for childish games / trolling.
  3. You said you were on his stream for a while. You can relay info threw voice chat. appeal denied
  4. You admit in ticket to being in his stream prior but having it muted. Now it's "I wasn't in there until after he died" It's not one sided you just couldn't get your story straight from the start. You mentioned in ticket that you were in his stream for a while. and as you and your boy bunny now say. You werent in there until after the fact but the screenshot above has you stating "been watching for a while lol" "it was paused lol"
  5. Also in the vod itself you can hear the streamer call out OPS being in his chat way prior to the whole situation as a whole. Which was what alerted me to OPS being within in his chat which also the streamer brings up if he would like to supply the clip he is welcome to but as things stand. He was in the stream. He cant get his story 100% straight. Unless someone can provide what was all said in that discord call this ban will stay. I'll give it 48h before moved to denied appeals as explaining yourself wont really help. We need some kind of audio/video evidence of voice call / ops playing with desktop audio captured just to justify that maybe he wasnt relaying any info but even then it's iffy him being in a voice call with you guys aswell as in a streamers stream.
  6. Also i was in the stream prior to him dieing as well. I saw OPS in his viewerslist as i was lurking just watching them play prior to him dieing which is why i dealt with this as fast as i did. Another staff member also had seen him in chat prior but i do not remember who.
  7. I copied it in order as he said it. If he cannot properly format his own post in a correct form of events happening then that is on him.
  8. Three issues as im gonna repeat as you said in order. 1. The other group engaged our friend big guap chaser, which killed him while he was trading at trader 2. I escalated over to log into the stream which is a public view for free 3. the streamer came into black market and tried to kill us. We killed him We have no audio / video of what happened on your side. You admit that the group was killed prior to the streamer. You admit to being in his stream. You then admit your team which you ARE in voice with proceeded to kill said streamer. Without any audio/video of what was said in your private call this ban will stay. As you were in the stream prior to the streamer dieing. You had the info of where he was whether you relayed it or not. You ALSO failed to mention your big part of "I had the stream paused" which you were so adamant on earlier which leads me to believe you are lieing. I'll leave this open if you can provide video/audio from 5 minutes before you opened his stream up to 5 minutes after the streamer was dead AND the stream cannot be heard within the background and no calls were given within the discord then i may revoke / shorten but until then this ban will stay.
  9. https://tickettool.xyz/direct?url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/655922671107702824/679507022282358784/transcript-closed-0795.html All the proof is within the ticket itself. I aswell saw him in the chat prior to the streamer being killed by him. Whether he was watching him or had him paused we cannot prove/disprove is why this ban most likely will stay. But if the appealear has some kinda proof he himself was not watching i may shorten it If anyones actually curious to go threw logs be my guest but it more relies on what time he was within the stream. I could care less whether the pope killed garren. AS LONG AS OPS WAS IN A VOICE CALL WITH THE POPe WHILE GARREN WAS ALIVE IS ENOUGH TO BAN BOTH THE POPE AND OPs OPS Logs on kills of Bam Clan 18.02.2020 17:56:26 Ops <6918.46, 11426.8, 435.624> killed [B4M] IFeelYourPulse <6916.09, 11428.4, 435.624> with LAR from 2.85787m Info 18.02.2020 17:56:17 [B4M] IFeelYourPulse <6917.01, 11433.7, 435.624> hit Ops <6917.35, 11432.2, 435.624> with Engraved Kolt 1911 from 1.63401m into Head for 17 damage Info 18.02.2020 17:51:56 Message (Side): drops way to many Info 18.02.2020 17:49:40 Ops <6909.92, 11433.4, 432.238> killed [B4M] Sour D <6909.62, 11428.2, 430.107> with LAR from 5.64152m Garrens many many many deaths 18.02.2020 19:45:07 [B4M] IFeelYourPulse <6631.67, 10423.5, 328.583> hit [B4M] Garrensane <5944.14, 10276.8, 268.202> with M70 Tundra from 705.581m into LeftArm for 7.79527 damage Info 18.02.2020 19:45:07 [B4M] IFeelYourPulse <6631.67, 10423.5, 328.583> hit [B4M] Garrensane <5944.14, 10276.8, 268.202> with M70 Tundra from 705.581m into Torso for 7.79527 damage Info 18.02.2020 19:45:07 [B4M] IFeelYourPulse <6631.67, 10423.5, 328.583> hit [B4M] Garrensane <5944.14, 10276.8, 268.202> with M70 Tundra from 705.581m into LeftArm for 23.3858 damage Info 18.02.2020 18:17:12 Blue098 <13386.6, 5613.47, 6.02322> killed [B4M] GarrensaneTTV <13402.6, 5617.01, 6.00333> with Mini-14 from 16.3563m Info 18.02.2020 18:17:12 Blue098 <13386.9, 5612.23, 6.02651> hit [B4M] GarrensaneTTV <13401.5, 5615.78, 6.01697> with Mini-14 from 14.9888m into Torso for 55 damage Info 18.02.2020 18:17:12 Blue098 <13386.9, 5612.23, 6.02651> hit [B4M] GarrensaneTTV <13401.5, 5615.78, 6.01697> with Mini-14 from 14.9888m into LeftArm for 55 damage Info 18.02.2020 18:17:10 Blue098 <13387.5, 5609.94, 6.03248> hit [B4M] GarrensaneTTV <13401.9, 5614.85, 6.01957> with Mini-14 from 15.1632m into LeftLeg for 55 damage Info 18.02.2020 18:10:40 [B4M] GarrensaneTTV <13516.7, 11033.1, 2.15715> killed Jayson <13522.2, 11026.8, 1.86265> with Engraved Kolt 1911 from 8.42626m
  10. Name of admin who deleted the gate - Screenshot of Front side - Screenshot of Back side - Screenshot of left/right side - Video (If provided screenshots are not needed) Amount of entrances? (How many entrances the base has) Did the base have any other unraidable entrances? Did you check for raidable entrance?
  11. I haven't even been on the server in 2 days...? I didn't scream racist abuse at you...?
  12. Oh and to add i'd do the same if the chinese were to bring up 9/11 or any other real world stuff as a way to attack / belittle certain people or to attack them on a personal level is a better way to say that.



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