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  1. So for clarification, you must break down all doors before making your own? Since I solo raid a lot I tend to break down at least one door then remake in my own to protect myself from others. On other servers this has been allowed, but its kinda vague here.
  2. I was raiding the base, hatchets broke and had to go to work, keep the ban if you must, but also know I was solo raiding, Rgloc was not with me. iirc I broke down all the doors I remade. If I missed on eI apologize but I was physically unable to fix my mistake.
  3. Another thing I just saw, Another player banned for rule #1, for something specifically stated in the rule. First offence as well. Only banned for one day. Were Gus and I were hit with a 3 day ban on our first offences as well for the exact same rule for something that is imo a far reach of the rule. A simple warning or 1 day ban would have sufficed. A three day ban is a bit excessive punishment.
  4. And a continuation as I think of more things to say. Did my statements have any impact on any players of this server? As far as I can tell, no. Not once did I see one of the Chinese get disconnected from the server. Also, my statement was make out of a mild annoyance of all the crashes going on. Some were due to the update, but as earlier today showed, a fair number were also due to a group of dupers, who my group suspected to be the Chinese players, not due to them being Chinese, but due to the fact their names and steam accounts were very suspect. No profile set up, only 1/2 fiends, long strings of numbers in their names. That all screams alt account used for hacking/glitching/duping. Yes, saying what I said was morally meh. Not the made out of the best intentions. But it was also not made to belittle these players. It was made out of innocent fun. It had no intent to harm, did not harm, and isn't harmful to anyone but the communist Chinese government.
  5. I would like to start by asking how this qualifies as even indirect Racism. By most accounts, racism is the action of using a persons race to segregate, discriminate, or otherwise put down. Referencing an event that the super hardcore communist dictatorship censorship-state doesn't want you to know about would not be racism under this understanding of the term. It is a long held and long running joke in the internet community that saying the phrase " Tienanmen square 1989" will disconnect players from china. In that case you might want to start banning anyone who says anything derogatory about anyone's nationality as thats what happened here. Im not an admin, but in my understanding rule #1 is there to prevent people from dropping slurs in chat, not making an innocent joke directed towards not the players, but towards one of the most hated governments in the world.



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