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  1. What A load of b.s this is then first rule broken that I didn't Evan know about admittedly my fault for not reading the rules but c'mon first rule broken and get a ban for it plus the other player deserved it the racist w....r
  2. And of course he's not gonna tell you cos he knows he will get banned aswell this is a joke can u at least give me a warning for it as no1 I didn't know about the rule but I've just been and read them all now so it won't happen again I will admit I did shoot him obviously I can't deny that but he was racist on the Mic and this is my first rule broken
  3. He's lying him and one other was calling us n.....s and saying he bets we love black and shite like that I don't know who the other one was but he lying to your face right now and there was 2 of us that heard him so I wasn't hearing things if I get a ban he should because he 100% was being racist down the Mic
  4. (Oktagger) did not you he was calling me and my pal n☆☆☆☆☆s could I please get a warning instead of my ban i dont know how to appeal against it and if I get one he deserves a ban aswell for his racism
  5. Sorry bro I didn't know we wasn't aloud to do that had someone try it on me the other day so thought we was aloud but there wasn't no need for your racist abuse you was shouting down the Mic at me so you sort of deserved it on the other hand I didn't know and think I should get a warning not a ban ?



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