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  1. Change log's may be delayed as I am starting to get into importing items and making them usable in DayZ. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go however I have successfully added a handful of melee weapons that have been added to both servers. I know I've missed things that should be added but honestly can't remember off the top of my head, so much has been going on with so many different files, changes, additions and it's just too much to keep the greatest track. But for the most part here's a decent update of everything that's been happening the past few weeks! General Updates - There will be an addition of 5 new guns. New shotgun, SMG, AR & Sniper that will be added to the server in the near future. They were purchased by staff & players together for a good little update for the server for some custom content. They will all have the vendetta logo "etched" into them as some others have and unique to our server. (Both Servers) - Airdrop Loot Updated (Deerisle) - Additional buildings & locations slowly being added (Deerisle) - New military location near Portland (Deerisle) - Discord ticket system changed entirely! - Discord donation link & web link have changed, with the addition of new things in the store. - Starter items changed, hoodie & knife are unique to Vendetta - Deerisle has it's own currency exclusive to Vendetta apart from the Chernarus currency Ground Zero Changes - No longer a specific location on the map (Deerisle) - Changed into an Airdrop (Deerisle) - Additional "Animal" AI added as possible event entities (Deerisle) - They still drop their original loot set as possible inventory loot (on top of the airdrop loot which is almost the same) (Deerisle) - Exo-Suits can only be obtained by killing the exclusive "difficult" zombies at airdrops that have the zombies. (Deerisle) - I'm sure I'm missing something not posted here... Airdrop Changes - Added airdrop mod to deerisle with the removal of expansion - Possibility for bears / wolves to spawn with or without zombies as AI instead (Deerisle) - Ground Zero changed to Ground Zero Airdrops (Specific end game gear available only from these airdrops) (Deerisle) - Adjusted loot table entirely (Deerisle) Trader Changes - Black Market Location Change! (Deerisle, check in game map to see the new location) - Complete overhaul of most prices (Deerisle) - Exo-Suits added to sell (Deerisle) - Addition of new trader for quick access kits (Deerisle, Chernarus to follow) - New melee weapons (Deerisle, Chernarus to follow) - Ground Zero trader added (For all exclusive GZ gear located at black market, to sell not buy) [Deerisle & Chernarus] - Multiple exploits fixed for traders buy / sell prices (Please announce any found to staff immediately! Thanks in advance. - I'm sure I'm missing something not posted here... Utopia Map Mod Progress Check the discord HERE - Custom models, buildings and static assets - Exotic locations are under way, we have a volcano Island and even an iceberg location players can base, loot & PvP. - Needed models and assets are in the discord for everyone to see what we are trying to include into the map! Be sure to help out if you can! - Scripts are needed for the map so please do help out as we need to pay for them to be created from scratch! - Plenty more but too much to list.
  2. We have much planned for the server! A few good things to note from the updates the past few days. Deerisle / Chernarus Change List - Updated M24 description to display proper ammo required - Added custom loading screen (Will be updated with the restart in an hour) - Updated traders to remove duplicated metal plates so people can't make money buying and selling them - Re-initiated merlin in trader / spawn so it can be used again - Added spraycans for heli's as they seem to work now - Added territory system for both servers - Set max party system to 20 - Territory kit / flags added to trader - Added expansion lumber type to traders Takistan Server Progress - Traders at every town configured (Need testing as there may be issues with some, they may not face the right way yet) - Map markers added and colors configured for every city - Added spawn select so you can spawn at any of the major towns - Updated trader configs - Temporary Black Market / Heli trader configured - Max balance configured for 999M - Expansion Handbook Updated In Game - Vehicles / Heli's can now spawn around the map (May spawn on their side, will fix all in due time) - Building towns with vanilla items has started. The only places finished so far are listed below. ----- Nur (Finished) ----- Zavarak (Finished) ----- Nasmar (Started Construction) I'm sure I forgot some stuff, will keep this updated as I remember or with the next change log push.
  3. Complete Change List (Photos Below) - Added new Ground Zero zombie variants - Fixed new trader guy at black market location on chernarus - Added M24 / Honey Badger Ground Zero variants to spawn at ground zero zombie loot - Added new weapons M200 variant, Honey Badger, M24 variants to sell at trader where applicable - Added new Vendetta Assault Helmet / Vests to spawn on map / ground zero zombie loot - Added new vests / helmet to trader where applicable to buy / sell - Updated Vendetta Desert Eagle firing sound updated - Removal of "Trader Zone" player tags addition from files as its built into expansion - I know I forgot a few things I will update when I remember Ground Zero Only Loot
  4. Known Issues - Issues with expansion vehicles are well known and they are working on it! - Global chat has been fixed but still wonky sometimes. - Many things are broken at this time please wait for updates from expansion, community online tools and the rest of the development teams we run mods from. - Expansion Merlin / Bus have been disabled from spawning / buying as they have teleportation and server crash issues (Devs are aware of this and working on it) Change List - Hope to have fixed excessive amount of vehicle parts spawning everywhere - F150 class name updated in trader config for the red one to now be buyable / sellable when psycho vehicles are updated - Disabled skyline base furniture for the time being in traders as the mods currently not updated - Expansion update nothing major just bug fixing, not everything has been fixed yet - Increased 408c rounds for the m200 to stack to 50 - Increased 12.7x55 rounds for the ash12 to stack to 50 - Fixed Deerisle Race Course spawn locations for vehicle traders to spawn as they should at the beginning of a race. Up to 8 positions from the front of the start line. - Sell positions are the starting positions on the track locations 1 through 8 from the start line. New M200, Honeybadger, M24 & Vendetta plate carrier variants added will be in traders later! Ground Zero Changes - Updated item drop rates - Added an entire gear set see photos attached for better visual (Ground Zero Exclusive) - No longer able to sell ground zero items such as rifle, vest, goodies, etc. at safe zone - Moved "Ground Zero Goodies" category to it's own location at black market (both servers) - Added white / blood pattern m200 variant (Ground Zero Exclusive) - First ground zero vest carrier texture updated see photos attached for better visual - Audio muffle fix incoming for bloody gasmask with next VendettaRemastered mod update Cassettes Addon - Dependency awaiting update for all tracks to work - Officially started re-texture of various artists tracks - Added over 100 with latest couple updates while dependency has been down - Removal of Cassettes Addon from workshop for updating - Added Cassettes Addon to workshop under another account Old GZ Plate Style New GZ Plate Style Full New Uniform New Ground Zero M200 (Black Variant Coming Soon) Preview of SOME not all cassette retextures
  5. Complete Change List - Trader keybind is now F - Cassettes Addon now over 100 tracks available at vehicle traders - Adjusted Deerisle race track spawn points for vehicles to spawn where they would as a race should begin - 1.08 Vanilla Items Installed (All available at traders) - In game "book" menu updated - Fixed some trader categories - Split files where needed for expansion new file integration - Airdrops disabled for the time being (Waiting on Expansion Update) - Expansion keys may have issues with vehicles at this time please avoid them for the time being - Global text chat not working at this moment (Waiting on expansion update) - Party Player Markers not working at this moment (Waiting on expansion update) - Entering / Exiting aircraft / buss seats may cause client or server crash please avoid for time being! - Modular Vest System removed for compatibility issues (Items left in traders as we will reinstall it, avoid buying the items for now) - Base Furniture Mod 2.0 removed for compatibility issues (Items left in traders as we will reinstall it, avoid buying the items for now) - Psycho vehicles do not spawn or work at this second (Waiting on Psycho developers update, they are aware) - Comp will not be given if you buy anything listed that should be avoided for the time being. - Biathlon Arena implemented from vanilla DayZ (Loot should now be enabled) - Munghards itempack updated inside VendettaRemastered pack (I will eventually check about new items that may be included) - Removal of NewNVG mod to prevent future issues - Hope to have reduced the amount of vehicle doors and unnecessary parts to clear up some loot space on both servers - Updated price of the new "Party Tent" because it's garbage and needs to be much cheaper - Added Expansion Crossbow / Bolts to the trader & Loot table (Adjusted price & amount set to spawn) - Hard Capped Both Servers 75 - Temp mod installed in place of MVS, MVS_Fix - Enabled Vanilla / Expansion base building. You should be able to use expansion code lock on vanilla, and destroy with explosives for proper base raiding mechanics to still take place. - Disabled vehicles requiring key to start them - Fixed zombies not spawning I'm sure I've missed a few things more than likely as it's been a long day but I will post anything I forgot in here or the next change log! Everyone can view the 1.08 update list HERE
  6. Complete Change List - CassettesAddon mod created to add more variety of music / audio files to be used with the cassette player! Total of 73 created and finished today. - New tracks added to traders / types.xml for lifetime values - Installed and finished implementing it into Deerisle - Set to install on Chernarus server with the restart in a couple minutes - HotRod from vehicle traders now spawn with wheels when purchased - Deerisle Race Track map market added - Ground Zero map icon updated
  7. Chernarus Change List - See last change log (Here) - C4 Removed Until Further Notice (Has geometry issues on explosion doing damage to surrounding structure instead of desired target) [May still be sold if found] - Rely on the rockets, categories changed to note what's usable for raiding - Defense on Ground Zero helmet / vest increased again (Still trying to get it to the desired state) Deerisle Change List - Configured for 1PP not 3PP - Ground Zero installed (Old location in the north has been used) - Custom Heli / Boat / Vehicle locations updated to include everything from main Vendetta server - Safe Zone Traders installed, oriented properly and ready, equal to main Vendetta server - Black Market built & traders installed (Including Heli trader) (Original CYS Location) - Race track vehicle traders added NOT A SAFE ZONE (Simply an extra location to buy / sell vehicles or use the track if you wish to race freely) - Spawn Select configured, default gear load out to match Vendetta server - Default Expansion Airdrops config used from Deerisle developers (For the time being) - ATM established for Safe Zone ONLY - Loot table configured to have everything that "matters" for the most part, spawn in majority locations on the map (Slight changes may occur later as necessary) - Zombie loot configured similar to "Oldschool CYS" to give it that authentic feel, guns, mags, attachments, gear and more to be found in zombie inventory! ----- Waiting on a new instance to be configured for use through CFTools for kill feed, base building logs and other stuff at this time (Should be in within the next 24hr) ----- Auto restarts will match Vendetta server for 12/6 AM/PM PST ----- Safe Zone / BM Building zone, killing radius etc all set to 200m from locations (Info also in book rules, I will add it to discord shortly) Server whitelist has been taken down, server name has been set and it's now live and available to connect!
  8. The following changes will take place with the server in 5 minutes. Change List - Prep for 1.08 DayZ stable update for expansion changes (Files saved for upload when released) - Ground Zero plate / helm defense values updated, they will not protect better (Still Testing Looking For Final Result As Desired) - Removed shock values from GZ Helm / Plate - Vehicle Spray Cans added from expansion to traders (not found in the world) to spray vehicles different colors for what's available (mainly expansion aircraft) - Ground Zero Loot Rate Updated! (Increased some items to have a better chance at spawning) - Anzio Anti-Material Rifle added to Ground Zero EXCLUSIVELY (Due to how over powered it is, it has been set to only be available at GZ, so you must piece it together, ammunition as well) - Added Expansion Car Keys (Testing NOT CONFIRMED TO WORK YET) - Separated MRAP that does NOT like to be sold in its category with a notice about it! - Vehicle Radio / Cassettes added to the trader to play in some psycho vehicles that have the "Music" slot in the vehicle inventory ----- Once you turn it on with a cassette in it, put it in the vehicle and it will play, or hold it in your hand and it will play. Standing outside the vehicle look at the radio on the inside of the vehicle and it will prompt you "F" to REMOVE it. ----- There are a total of 9 cassette tapes at this time (More to come in the future! I know they will make more eventually and I've requested permission to make some for our server) Future Plans - Custom Loading Screen (Thanks to Psycho development team) - Custom Vendetta Clothing (Thanks to Psycho development team) - 2 More Plate / Vest Camo Variants Coming (One set to match the orange Honey Badger Digital, The second will be a woodland camo pattern) - New M200 Ground Zero variant coming soon! - Plenty more I've noted without actually writing down so I forget quite often. =/ I may throw a few other things on here before I head to bed, anything I may have missed before. Anything posted late will be added BELOW.
  9. Change List - Auto restart set to every 6 hours, 12 & 6 AM / PM PST (West Coast US Time) - Vendetta Masks added to zombie attachments to spawn 100% of the time on zombies visually ----- 98% chance for white, 1% chance of camo, 1% chance of gold - Ground Zero Goodies category updated (Both Safe Zone / Black Market Traders) [Misc trader at Safe Zone] ----- Removed Ground Zero rifle / mag from weapons and added to ground zero goodies category ----- Added Ground Zero Helm / Vest to this category as well - Vendetta Exclusive Content Updated! (Helmets / Vests) - Added Ground Zero helm / vest to ground zero loot ONLY (Not buyable) - Added other exclusive vests / helmets to ground zero loot, server loot military tier 3 / 4. Only 1 of each are able to spawn for the time being (Not available in trader) - Added No Vehicle Damage to the server content pack (Did NOT work and is being removed with the next restart to the server) - Adjusted values for new helmets / vests (Large storage capacity / good protection values implemented) ----- Ground Zero = Better than Mass Heavy Plates ----- Other Exclusives = Equal to Mass Heavy Plates ----- Helmets Adjusted as best possible may need adjustment later but serve GREAT value to head protection at this time (Not extremely high caliber defensive though)
  10. Change List - Aircraft now available at Black Market (Parts as well only available at BM) - Aircraft DISCLAIMER added at black market trader so everyone is aware they're use at own risk - ATM Increased from 25k to 50k - Fido Pants added to stalker category at safe zone - Vendetta Universal Suppressor added, available at ground zero / some military loot locations tier 3 & 4. (Only works on weapons that would accept improvised suppressors) - Vendetta Universal Suppressor durability increased - UAZ & Variants added to trader along with parts in their respective category!
  11. Change List - Expansion RPG / LAW / M79 Added (Ammo Included) - Expansion Explosives destroy base walls / doors, so the prices are equal to that of c4 - Expansion Explosives / Ammo added to the loot table & ground zero at rare rates - Fido Stalker clothing prices changed in trader - Altyn Helmet / Visor added to MVS gear category in trader (Not the greatest helmet)
  12. Change List - Modular Vest System (MVS) items added to trader / BM where applicable - Heavy Plates / Helmets added to loot table for the server but rare (Helmets able to be purchased in BM) - Heavy Plates available to find in the loot table ONLY for the time being as they're slightly better than Mass's heavy plates - Regular MVS Plates / Heavy Plates / Helmets added to Ground Zero loot table at fair rate in correlation to other items - More items to come to Ground Zero in the near future
  13. Change List - C4 should now only take 1 per wall (Blast radius for how many in the AREA undetermined) - C4 should now only take 1 per safe (excluding large safe takes 2) - Multiple price changes in the trader include (C4, M200, Barret, Honeybadger, Ground Zero Rifle, Mcmillan, RPK, PKP and maybe a couple others) - MVS items to be added fully to the trader tonight after I test them - Other changes coming either later tonight or tomorrow that I missed posting here.
  14. Mod Changes - Expansion minor update (Nothing implemented or changed for any items, bases or anything that I'm aware) - Anzio 20x201mm rifle bullets are now tracer rounds instead of regular bullets - Modular Vest System Install incoming with the restart in 30 minutes (Remember to restart DZSALauncher to get the mod addition to the server on restart) Change List - Smoke grenade category fixed between the traders - Gold & Goodies category changed to "Gold & Silver" specifically for the title of the category - Ground Zero Goodies category created specifically for the ground zero goodies you can get as drops - 5 total items added to the trader in the ground zero goodies category - 4 items added to ground zero loot table (1 was already there, just needed to add it to the trader along with the 4 new additional items) - "Animals" removed from Ground Zero and merged with "Zombies / AI" because of an issue with the "Animal" entities not spawning properly - Ground Zero Animal loot merged with Zombie AI loot table as the animals aren't spawning properly (I had them split so animals dropped ammo / mags where AI dropped weapons and such) - Modular Vest System will be available to purchase items through the TRADER ONLY (to keep the server loot clean and easier to find essentials otherwise it would be extremely cluttered with non-essentials / clothing) - Prices disabled for MVS items at this time as we need to figure out a correct price range for all of it, some items are enabled as they have prices coordinated to their other respective items we have in game such as pants, jackets, shirts etc. - If we ever have any of them added to the server loot table you may be able to find them with some attachments as the presets have already been implemented for this in the file structure however as mentioned prior, they are disabled for the time being Upcoming Changes - Custom Loading Screen - Custom logo / discord link on Psycho Vehicles - Custom clothing set from Psycho with vendetta logo / discord link attire coming eventually - Ground Zero Helmet / Plate Vest coming eventually (looking for a developer that can do it for us as I already have the models / skins purchased and ready to go) - New zombie / AI models from Psycho development crew to be implemented (Specifically for Ground Zero) in the future.
  15. Change List - PKP & Mag added to server loot tier 3 & 4. Added to Black Market to purchase, able to sell at safe zone & black market. - Disabled Raptor F150 at vehicle trader for selling due to a bug (Unsure if it's the trader or Psycho mod but I will contact both about this issue as it's out of our control to fix) - Gold & Goodies category fixed at ground zero for selling gold and some Ground Zero goodies - Ground Zero visuals updated with more built in the area - Loot table updated for the new buildings added at ground zero - PvP Event Zone implemented for admin hosted events In Game "Handbook" Changes - General Rules section rule #3 set to include description about no glitch raiding bases by any means. - Safe Zone Rules section rule #4 to include no placement of "Safe" storage items in traders. Updates To Come - Custom vendetta plate carrier & helmet - Custom Loading Screen *Notice* - In game modded NVG vignette style changed there should no longer be a black shroud around the outside of the NVG when worn so you may wear them with helmets (hope this fixes the issue with them having a flashing vignette) Large Red Bracket at the bottom may be done client side (your side on your own PC)



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