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  1. Caught boosting into or inside a base via boosting. 1 day ban. Rest of team may continue raid.
  2. What you did would have been fine if you didn't log out like you did, you should finish the raid or at least get to any amount of loot, otherwise you've just blocked someone in without actually robbing them. We understand life happens and you have to leave at times. Just try and make sure you follow through or back out so you're not logging off in someone's base and you're not blocking people into their bases without actually raiding them
  3. I accept this. To clarify you can't deal people in their base unless you've taken the base completely, that means all gates/doors are yours . I'll unban you both now. First offense slap on the wrist
  4. 18. No base griefing (IE Locking people into there own bases and not raiding it at all. Just being scummy.) 1 day ban
  5. it doesnt matter who it was directed to. One person saying something does not justify you saying another. You get a longer ban as yours is breaking the first rule and are doing something everyone should know is wrong. Your friend gets a little leeway as we understand not everyone knows how seriously those threats are taken.
  6. Taking threats like this real serious. Personal threats are not welcome in our community
  7. 3 day ban due to the multiple accounts of breaking out terms of speech.
  8. Thank you for your transparency here. This all makes sense to me and I see it as an honest mistake from active and good players. Your bans will be lifted when I get home (4pm EST)



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