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  1. Chapter 1: Z-Day Prequel Flashback Ground Zero... The place where it all began. You know, that one hospital up north where they were conducting animal experiments and supposedly the virus outbreak originated. A group of survivors managed to make their way up there and report what they found before their radio cut to static, no-one's heard from them since. From everything gathered, they managed to find the lab where they conducted animal trials, everything happened so quick, they even left their test subjects to rot. They reached what we believe to be the room where it all started. The hospital had quarantine tents and zones around outside, military stationed accordingly and kept it all hush-hush until the night the world went dark. From what they could find, it’s apparent they were testing for weeks or even months before shit hit the fan. Dead animals and test subjects everywhere, it’s no wonder the virus broke out. From their research notes we can tell everything was going fine testing until it just...happened. The last recording documented in the lab... "Subject A-171 has shown signs of extreme aggression and hunger with no apparent sign for mental capability to respond or control of motor skills. Subject only seems interested in food while being over aggressive and has lost all sign of life as an average human. A couple members of the guard stationed here are attempting to enter the room to give it some food, let’s see how this goes… With extreme aggression subject A-171 is furious and doesn’t seem interested in the food. With the door to the subject’s room locked, the guard has no way to escape and we will see how the encounter goes. Within moments, A-171 has the guard pinned to the wall and is attempting to bite him. Guard’s don’t open that door!” The recording went to static.. After that, the virus spread quickly, decimating the population and who knows, maybe this is just how nature intended to bite back. Either way, another group of survivors are about to head up and check it out, see if they cant find anyone that may be left alive up there from the first group to check it out. Be careful up there, it may be crawling with the undead. Use the buddy system, don’t take chances! Good luck. Flashback Break Point The Beginning Zombies huh?....So you think you can hack it? Think you have it in you to see where your story takes you on your survival run? Everyone's got a story to tell, everything around or what's left of what used to be the world. When shit hit the fan, the military was the first to go. The virus started somewhere out in Russia, they were working on some form of bio-chemical warfare trying to determine what they could make that could bring entire continent's crumbling overnight. Testing on rats and animals at first, they finally figured out some fucked up combination of mad cow disease, rabies and who knows whatever the hell else they could come up with. After the first couple trials on humans, they quickly realized they fucked up deciding to screw with nature, and nature bit back. They created the living dead, zeds, flesh eaters, zombies. Before everyone knew it, the virus began to spread. After getting bit, the first subject was quarantined and watched but finally turned after about 72 hours, getting progressively worse physically over the duration. Someone had to have let it out somehow or they couldn't control it, no one really knows what really went down that night, but now the entire world has paid the price. What's left around the world is what we have to work with. People still getting turned by the day, is this global genocide? So what's up with all the gear you find on zombies, you might ask. Well you have to figure, they were just like you before they were turned. Scavengers, struggling to survive just as everyone that's left. They may have picked up some things along the way that might just come in handy. Anything from food, clothing, plate carriers, guns and more. They might have just what you need to survive another day. With scavenging what's left to survive for food, hunting wildlife, killing the undead for whatever valuables they may have left on them and most definitely fighting off any other remaining survivors may that may be roaming about, you may just find what you need to survive the last of your DayZ. So you've survived a few nights on this undead earth have you? I'm sure you've seen that people are surviving in this post-apocalyptic version of earth, people have their own hideout, their own bases if you will. With the discovery of other people struggling to survive, you're going to have to try just that much harder to make sure you find what you need to start fortifying your own location for some shelter from the undead and other survivors. Using nails and planks from what you can find left in this world, making your own supplies from cutting lumber and forging planks, even metal plates can be used to fortify something I'm sure. Some places may be a bit difficult to break into, may need to find something that can smash through anything....Hammers? No that wouldn't work...Handsaw? Maybe you can cut your way in somewhere? No that doesn't work either... Sledgehammers must be the only way, after pounding on walls and trying to get into a location for some time, the walls finally crumble. Now loot what you can and get out before someone notices! Carry as much as you can, get anything you can to help survive another night and maybe any supplies they have left over to help advance on your own location to help survive another night. Everyone's scavenging what they can to survive, you're only doing what you have to and what your survival instincts are telling you. Whether you get away with what you need or everything you can carry just keep in mind, people may be just around the corner waiting...ready to end your story just as quick as it began. Nothing is sacred, nowhere is safe to hide, eventually everyone's story must come to an end... Try to hold out as long as you can, everyone is struggling just as much if not more than you are, find some food and a weapon at least to help yourself live to see another day. Stay safe out there, stay hydrated and vigilant because everywhere you turn could be one last step you take in this apocalypse. Till next time! Chapter 2: Doc's Research & Last Survivors Prequel Flashback It’s been a little over 72 hours now, nothing on comms for 62 hours since they made contact with the location. Not sure if I want to send anyone else in there at this point. Cant go risking every life for who knows what may even be there. From all the info gathered at this point two different groups have gone in and yet to be heard from again. Everything was fine up until they got to the hospital, it took them a few hours to get there...but not long for comms to cut out. Last thing that came through the comms were this... We’re coming up to the hospital now, it’s been silent up to this point. Almost eerie quiet with an over creepy vibe to the place. All 4 of us are grouped up together. We’re entering the hospital now, glass everywhere it’s impossible to be quiet and getting dark out, this isn’t sitting right with me right now man. Something feels off about this whole situation. “Faint mumbles from another group member in the background”. Yeah I know we just need to keep cool and play this safe, people already wen’t missing from here before remember? “Loud roaring yell in the background” What the fuck?! RUN! “Scuffling and panting hastens quickly” Close the door quick, quick, QUICK!!! “Loud crashing on the door from the outside” What the hell are we going to do those didn’t look like normal zeds man. Those things, they weren’t even human! “Crashing and banging stops for a moment....CRASH.....the door comes crashing to the floor” OH SHIT NO SHOOT THEM! “Intense gunfire followed by dramatic screaming of one...two...three...all four in the group" We have someone sitting around waiting to see if anyone gets back at any point so our radios are always on, broadcasting on all frequencies for any survivors. Rations are getting low meaning either way, we have to send people out for food. Many of us are fed but a few of us are going with less than graceful rations for the young ones. I’m sure they would be grateful if you would bring some extra food with you if you manage to make your way here. I know it’s a tough run, plenty of zeds in your way but we might be able to help you out, you scratch your back we scratch yours kind of deal. We may not have much for gear or anything, but we can pay heavily if necessary for items we need if you manage to get that far. Everyone needs something, everyone has a price for something. Feed the civilians and children, help arm the troops that need extra gear or bring supplies for research to the doc whenever he gets back. Oh? You’ve already met him out in Cherno? Well that's good, one less person to introduce. I’m sure you know what he needs now to keep working. He mentioned something about being an assistant to one of the lead scientists at the research facilities working on this form of chemical warfare for the Government. His name he’s yet to tell anyone to this day so everyone just call’s him Doc. No on really knows much about him other than that, he keeps to himself. He may show up from time to time at other places but he can handle his own when it comes to the zeds. Anyway, you should get back out there and give him a hand, he needs some things for his research, get him some stuff then make your way over here, we could use the food and supplies for the remaining survivors here. Hope you manage to hold out long enough in this forsaken land, maybe get yourself some shelter for the incoming night. If you listen hard enough on clear nights you can almost hear the zombies still yelling out at Ground Zero, we might just have to go check things out in person if Doc isn’t sending you up there already. "Alarm Sounding In The Distance" SHIT! They crossed the threshold! "Voice fading & Yelling" Somebody get those damn zeds away from the sensors before you attract something worse! "Loud boot steps closer as the voice seems to come closer directed back to you" Anyway, we'll see ya soon okay? Stay safe and warm out there it's almost dark, good luck.



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