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Hello! We're looking for staff currently come apply at https://forms.gle/vgSSxcRoypKfwaoQ8


$200.00 per 30 days

Vendetta Backer Server Support - $200

Become a server backer for Vendetta by helping out with monthly costs by donating on a subscription basis.
If we can get multiple people signed up to this, we can potentially open more servers with more machines.

What these donations will cover:
- Monthly dedicated machine fees & taxes
- Monthly discord bot fees & taxes
- Alternatively, it can go to custom content if you wish for the donation to go towards more custom things for our community

What you will earn from this subscription:
- Custom discord rank sitting higher than every other unique donation role in the discord known as Server Backer
- Access to "Server Backers" Category in discord with voice channels, general text, memes & sneak peeks for upcoming content that we may be adding to the server with a chat channel for potential custom content to add!
- Starter Kit Re-Texture (Pants, Hoodie, Shoes, Knife)

If you are considering this, I would like to thank you in advance as it really means a lot to us and we would like to keep things coming into the server as well as keep monthly upkeep for everything we have going.
If you decide to subscribe for this please be sure to open a ticket in discord so we can get your custom starter re-textured items setup for you as desired.
We would love to start another machine with servers under the Vendetta name and it's easily possible if 2 people were to subscribe to this package! Help out with the expansion of Vendetta Gaming Community!

Cancel anytime and you will keep your starter re-textured kit in game, as well as you will be moved into the "Retired Backers" role within the general VIP / Donation ranks in discord.

$5.00 per 30 days

$5 Monthly Subscription Cost Priority Queue

1 Month Priority Queue

Server Choice:
Vendetta Utopia
Vendetta Deerisle 1PP
Vendetta Deerisle 3PP

$45.00 per 365 days

Yearly priority queue subscription
Pay for 9 months of subscription and get 3 months free.

1 Year Priority Queue

Server Choice:
Vendetta Utopia
Vendetta Deerisle 1PP
Vendetta Deerisle 3PP



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