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Hello! We're looking for staff currently come apply at https://forms.gle/vgSSxcRoypKfwaoQ8

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Donating & Store Services

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There are multiple ways to donate to the server that help out our community entirely. If you are donating to me, Derpicidal just to donate out of the generosity of your heart, that is much appreciated! Most regular donations like this I usually put back into the server for upkeep on the machine fee, custom content for the server or services for the community as in discord or bots etc. 

If you are donating directly to me just to help me out, thank you in advance! Click Here To Donate To Me
If you would like to support me and my stream definitely check out my twitch merch. Twitch Merch

All purchases or donations are non refundable and you agree to this at time of donation or purchase. 

DZSALauncher Sponsorship Listing
These donations go directly to the developer of the DZSALauncher that is used to connect to servers and automatically load mods, he offers sponsorship listings, the more that the server has accumulated in donations within 30 days, the more often the server shows up in the top 6 listings on the launcher upon opening it. Listing donations only last 30 days from the moment of purchase, use the links provided as to ensure they go directly to our server if you desire. Both links provided take you to the sponsorship listing page to select how much you would like to donate directly to the IP provided for the servers.
Vendetta DayZ Deerisle 1PP Sponsorship Listing & Vendetta DayZ Deerisle 3PP Sponsorship Listing


All custom re-textured and custom paid for content will be kept on the server for everyone to enjoy. 

Any retextured weapons will be added where applicable according to current in game configuration via trader & server loot and or airdrop / zombie loot table.
So if something is only at black market trader in game, that's the only place you'll find it, same for safe zone, if it's there then it's there etc.

No one person is given anything as all the gear and items have to be added to the server for everyone and not any individual player.

All new custom content such as weapons and items depending on their integrity towards DayZ their value and settings may be adjusted by Vendetta staff to suit the server as seen fit for loot table, trader, airdrop loot, zombie loot etc.

If you open a store-support ticket we can assist with the following and give you any information you wish to know pertaining to all the custom content available through our services.


Custom Weapon Commissions
We have a couple mod developers that do custom work for a fee for our community of course. One of them has set prices for creating weapons for DayZ and if you would like a weapon created or item re-skinned, Cashew's prices are listed here. Not-A-Banana prices vary and would need to contact him via discord which I can do anytime if necessary. Both may be busy or take extended amounts of time to complete commissions just a heads up there. Open up a ticket in the store support category in discord and we can help you find a model or figure out something that suits your wants or needs and walk through the whole process with you.

Frequently used model website: CGTrader

Weapon Configuration Commission Prices:
Melee (Swords, Grenades, Axes)- $15 each
Attachment (Optics, Grips, Suppressors)- $15 each
Custom Ammunition (Includes box, ballistics, and model)- $25 each
Pistol- $15 each
Shotgun (Pump, Semi, Break-Action)- $20 Each
Sniper (Bolt-Action)- $20 each
Assault Rifle/SMGs/DMR (Anything Rifle_Base)- $25 each
Custom Firing Sound- $8 per weapon
Custom Weapon Texturing- $15 per weapon (Additional colors $5 per)
Custom Attachment & Ammo Texturing- $7 per (Additional colors $3 per)
Future Support (365 days from invoice date)- $7 per weapon

Rights reserved by Cashew-san to change his prices and fees at any time.

Please open a store-support ticket to get ahold of us to take a loot at some weapon models and get this situated at which point you will pay via paypal directly.


Re-Texturing Services \ Custom Textured Weapons & Gear
Provided below are some images of my work that I've done for people in the past that are satisfied with the work I've provided.

I'll always work to satisfy the customer with what they want and ensure their satisfaction with the final product before allowing it to be implemented on the server for anyone to use.

I make the textures myself and set them up for use on our servers and they will always stay on the server so long as dependency mods are on the server as well. 
Weapons and Clothing are both doable, anything that's been allowed for us to do and anything that's not locked by default p3d.
Check the clan trader in game to get an idea of what's doable, if you think of something and want to know if it can be done, simply ask in a store-support ticket.

If you're considering buying a full kit re-texture on the store, ensure you know what you want to be re-textured ahead of time! I will double check to ensure everything that's requested can be done and work with you to figure out anything as an alternative for anything that can't be done.

Standard Item Re-Texture - $15
1x Re-texture of an item of your choice that's able to be done.

This could be weapons, clothing, backpacks etc. Open a store-support ticket and ask if something you want can be re-textured and I will see if it is or not and let you know asap.

If there is just one weapon or piece of clothing you want done, get this. Unless you have multiple that you want or a full pack more suits your wants.

Click HERE to be taken to the standard item re-texture store page

Kits & Gear Previews


Full Kit Re-Texture - $100 Value Pack ($120 Standard Individual Item Combined Cost)
A full kit for $100 and comes with 8 re-textured items that have a combined total value of $120 if all were purchased as individual items for $15 each, so you save $20.
The full kit consists of the following:

1x Belt or Ghillie Suit (Only Suit, No Additional Pieces Like Hood / Gun Wrap)
1x Top
1x Pants
1x Boots
1x Gloves
1x Vest (Quite frequently people choose the Vendetta USMC exclusive vest)
1x Helmet (Quite frequently people choose the Vendetta USMC exclusive helmet)
1x Backpack (Quite frequently people choose the MVS Rucksack & Raidpack)

Click HERE to be taken to the full kit re-texture store page

Kits & Gear Previews


Vehicle Re-Texture Pack - $45 (Includes Doors, Trunk Hood / Applicable Parts)
Re-texturing of some vehicles can be done but not all. Be sure to ask so I can clarify if the one you want can be done or not. At this moment I know the following can be done and the list will be updated as time progress's. 

Can Be Done
- Gurkha

Can Not Be Done
- Camper
- Lancer

Click HERE to be taken to the vehicle re-texture store page

Kits & Gear Previews


Custom Starter Kit / Item Re-Textures
You will spawn with this kit on all our servers for future use. All items are re-textured default starter items and serve no value or gain over any other starter player.
Comes with the following re-textured to your liking
- Hoodie
- Pants
- Shoes
- Knife (Karambit, Balisong, Vendetta Knife) You can choose one to have re-textured or consider buying your own custom model to have added to the server.

If you choose to have your own custom starter knife model added to the server, we will chat in the ticket about models on CGTrader and you will pay for the model and my feel to configure it to properly work and set it up and apply it to you for your starter knife. $15 Knife Setup Fee (Alt Texture Comes With Starter Kit)

Click HERE to be taken to the starter kit re-texture store page

Kits & Gear Previews


Priority Queue
There are two types of queue's on the store page.
- Standard monthly payment (Standard amount of months at a time depending on purchase quantity)
- Subscription payment (Automatic payment method monthly)

$5 Month Standard Payment Method - HERE (Purchase Quantity Determines Added Priority Queue Time)
$5 Subscription Monthly Payment - HERE (Monthly automatic payment)
$45 1 Year Prio Queue Sub - HERE (Pay for 9 months on subscription, get 3 free for a full year!)


Custom Buildings & Statics
We can have custom buildings, structures, static items and terrain type models to the servers!
We would sit down together in a store-support ticket and find a model of a building or structure, environment piece or static that would be setup properly by either myself or a developer we have on hand for this line of work. If you are interested in this, we will walk through the whole process together but prices may greatly vary thus cannot be prices as is. Mostly ranging from $20-$80 for a model, and depending on the developers fee anywhere from 20-100 GBP. Not USD. The developer we have for structures is not from the US and we have to convert currency for him. As mentioned prior, this whole process will have us to walk through all of it with you for as simple a process as possible.

All custom buildings or structures and statics will be added around the map for everyone to see, build in and enjoy at their own leisure. They may base build in them, raid them and expect them to be treated as any other structure in DayZ would in correlation to how they're to be treated on the server. They will not be for any single person to use or have as the whole server must be able to enjoy all the content we want to provide!

Click HERE to be taken to the statics & buildings store page


Raffle Tickets & Drawings

Vendetta Raffle Discord Link - HERE
Raffle Ticket Store Link - HERE

1x Ticket - $10

We host raffle drawings from time to time for real prizes! 
Prizes vary in product value & type.
Raffle events are hosted and funded by Derpicidal, vendetta server owner & partner Nightmaregamer.
Event details and drawing dates may be posted in the raffle discord linked above. 
Events may have "BOGO" or Buy One Get One coupons available from time to time as well so keep an eye out!

First Raffle Winner Photos


Discord Giveaway

1x Giveaway - $5

Have us create giveaways in discord for everyone to enjoy some eventful time on the server with custom content givaeways!

dmin's will create random miscellaneous giveaways in the discord for anyone and everyone to enter to win.

Giveaways that are donated for will be created as soon as possible in the discord and setup for anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours for the maximum end time.

Bundle giveaways may consist of better content for everyone to have a chance at earning some nice things!

Prizes May Vary Every Giveaway!

1 - 4 Giveaway Bundle = Tier 1
5 - 9 Giveaway Bundle = Tier 2
10-20 Giveaway Bundle = Tier 3
21-30 Giveaway Bundle = Tier 4
31+ Giveaway Bundle = Tier 5

Tier 1 = Misc Value 100K
Tier 2 = Misc Value 200K
Tier 3 = Misc Value 300K
Tier 4 = Misc Value 400K
Tier 5 = Misc Value 500K


1x Bit - $0.50 (Minimum Purchase 2 Bits - $1)

Currently only used for cosmetics I've made that serve no purpose other than base decoration.
In the future they will be used for in game minigames such as arcade style machine games and slot machines with their own prize configurations. (Future Content)


If you have taken the time to sit down and read this through, congratulations and thank you as you're probably one of the few to read the whole thing!
I would like to thank you for playing Vendetta DayZ servers and wish you Happy Hunting!
~ Derpicidal

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