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Dragon Ball Hunting Event (Ongoing forever)

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Dragon Ball's are on the server! You may find them in the server from time to time, there are 7 of them, each with their own star value. If you find them and put them on the ground they will stay persistent as they have a set lifetime to stay so you can store them in a base and hunt all 7 down for this event. You will have to store it on the ground outside of any container as it's not able to be stored inside anything, once you pick it up you will understand. The event is simple, once you collect all 7 all you have to do is screenshot them together, submit it through the ticket system via #ticket-help and an admin will assist you by teleporting to you, ensuring they are all correct and not duplicate star values then reward you. Reward limitations are as follow: - Groups: Only 7 people out of a group may collect on the reward together. This is one ball per player. So if you have 8 or more, you will have to figure it out between you all. - The reward value may not exceed 1M cash value. Because there are 7 dragon balls, an extra 300K is a fair value to tac on as incentive to hold onto them and try to complete this event. - If you decide to go with item based rewards and cash for the remainder, that's perfectly fine as long as the value doesn't exceed the maximum reward value of collecting the dragon balls, so 1M max value still. Winner screenshot's will have their presented photo's and usernames stored here for memories!

Screenshot of first winners

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