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First official Vendetta Remastered change log hosting Expansion mod & dependencies. Stay tuned for future updates and all change log posts on the website!

Server Content Additions & Changes
- Expansion Mod Added
- Building Item Resize Added (2x the stack amount & Smaller Inventory Size [Excluding Expansion Stuff])
- Dragon Balls Resized Added (Used to take the whole screen so you couldn't store them, now they're 5x5)
- Fido Stalker Removed (Overpowered zombies, fido weapons etc)
- Mod list change entirely (Less is more and we will be running less than we have in the past for stability)
- Expansion Weapons Added (For what works currently)
- Default Character Starting Gear from Expansion utilized
- NewNVG mod utilized on the server *It may not look like your normal NVG, it may be just a headstrap*
- MRE's added (Add water to the heating pack & main course meal to heating back to cool [Will still show raw when cooked] <- bugged on devs end)
- Helicopters / Expansion vehicles spawn on the server (not available to purchase as Trader mod doesn't support it fully yet [Bugs out and doesn't let you enter the vehicle, or if it does they blow up on startup])
- Expansion land / sea vehicles are in game but not buyable as the same issue with trader as heli's so you can only find them for the time being.
- Expansion base mechanics for building / raiding with C4 (All other methods to destroy bases from the outside disabled)
- No more vanilla base building (Strictly using Expansion mechanics)
- More expansion base building to come for roofing and more needed items eventually
- Reports of heli's despawning over time have started *Use at own risk*
- Multiple of the same "item" may appear in the traders, however they have been tested and they're from different mods, guns, mags, base items ect. They should be usable though and work as intended.
- Ground Zero / most points of interest removed (Going back to the good old feeling of DayZ)
- Tier loot system back in play! Find better equipment / gear the more North West you travel! (No more inflation or everything being everywhere)
- Zombie loot system updated, no more inflated economy or extremely good gear from zombies. (Will update rates slightly as needed for default gear from zombies)
- Exclusive content found from old points of interest may be available as tier loot drops (Extremely rare for overpowered weapons and gear)
- Code locks from expansion work! (However you need to be ableย toย access it to place it, so don't build fences in walls!)
- Party system updated, out with the old, in with the new expansion persistent group system!
- In game "book" gui for character stats, party system & server information page (Be sure to change the default key bind off "B" so you can access traders still [Change it to anything other than B, P, Z or the "Comma" key.]) **Be sure to help others with this in game!**
- Keybindings listed here: P = Earplugs, Z = Auto run / walk, B = Trader, "Comma" key = change text chat channel.
- Rules displayed in game in the book menu under server information page
- Lower economy value (Prices will be extremely different compared to the inflated economy we used to run)
- Trader locations: Green Mountain & Novy Lugย (No building within 1000m) [In rules available in game through the book menu]
- Black Market: Military Troitskoeย (No building within 500m) [In rules available in game through the book menu]
- New staff roster! (We all have lives to live, but we will still try to prioritize helping people as fast as possible through the discord & ticket system!)
- Player cap will be raised as necessary while keeping stability in mind. The max the server may ever see will be 80-90 max.
- Vendetta Custom Currency Officially Added!
- Added drinks to the starter kit

Base Building Mechanics From Expansion (May Update In The Future, Not Made By Vendetta Community)

**There may be a few missing things we left out but for the most part, everything listed above is now how the server will run. Let us know in the comments below if you find anything we missed!**

More updates to come from Expansion and we will continue to keep you all up to date on the latest & greatest in the Vendetta community!

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