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Vendetta Remastered Patch V0.3

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Just re-posting a few things since they're now implemented in game. Enjoy!

Ground Zero Hot Zone Added!
- New location (Map Marker Enabled In Game)
- Not so many zombies (Better for clients)
- High Loot Hotzone & For PvP (May need to adjust drop loot & rates a bit, unsure how rates will be at this time but not going overboard)
- Custom Zombies (May be a little tougher than vanilla zombies so be cautious)
- Implemented Zombies But Not New Building Structures (Yet)

Exclusive Vehicle Additions From Psycho DayZ
- Vehicles Added! (Too Many To Name, Check Vehicle Trader!)
- Custom Logo Additions Coming Soon For Vehicles
- All custom added vehicles added to spawn possibly with items when found in the world (Not yet able to be found in the world)
- I will add the feature for them to spawn around the world when I wake don't worry!

Additions Coming Very Soon
- Custom Gearset & Logo Or Texture
- Custom Loading Screen
- Music Player In Vehicles (Preset audio will figure it out soon)
- Universal Suppressor Exclusive To Vendetta!

Other Recent Updates
- Vendetta custom currency description / logo & name adjusted

*More updates to come will be posted in this patch log for today only*

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