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Vendetta Remastered Patch V0.5

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List Of Changes
- Fido Stalker Gear added to server (Not spawning, just set for lifetime value in loot table file)
- Fido Stalker categories added to clothing trader (Universal prices as they're simply cosmetic clothing (Nothing major about them for storage or anything)
- New zombies added to ground zero (Some may be more difficult than others) [Animal / Humanoid AI]
- New loot category split between animal and humanoid at ground zero so they may drop some different loot (Humanoid = Guns / Animal = Mags & Ammo [Not limited to just guns, ammo and mags])

Mod Changes or Additions
- zSpawnSelect mod added to the server, you may now select a spawn point between the multiple locations provided but may not spawn within 3000m of your dead body. Cooldown set to 20 minutes per location.
- CFDZPlugin (Coming back in within the hour of this post)
-CFDZAddin-Expansion (To be added with CFDZPlugin)

Coming Soon
- Exclusive Vendetta Logo Clothing Set (From Psycho Devs)
- Exclusive Vehicle Logo / Discord Link on all psycho vehicles
- Universal Suppressor (Ability to use on most if not all weapons that accept the improvised suppressor by default & will be extremely expensive)
- New Vendetta Loading Screen (More info in notice below)
- Ability to add radio to modded vehicles for Psycho vehicles and a preset playlist of music that can be played in them!
- Auto restart times 2x daily (Coming once CFTools is back online. Restart times will be as follow: 12AM / PM PST [West Coast US Time])

- Some downtime today due to CFTools crashing earlier, still await an update so we may reinstall it
- CFTools will now support Expansion mod (Not sure what this entails for the server exactly)
- Update for loading screen reverted after it was implemented for the time being until fully fixed by developers to work properly and take priority over the expansion loading screen as promised

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