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Changes Taking Effect
- DT11 added to sell in the traders for 100
- DT11 removed from spawning & airdrops as it causes client crash on "R" press to reload or un-chamber a round
- Restart times now in effect 12 AM / PM PST (West Coast Time)
- Logging system implemented in discord (Kills / Deaths, Build Logs, Admin Actions, Join / Leave logs) for upper administrative staff to monitor
- Stalker categories completely implemented and catagorized (May have more to add later)
- Adjusted in game auto-announcement message to every 60 minutes instead of 30. Also cleaned up the text to show less but stay descriptive.
- Updated config files for Expansion mod update earlier this morning
- Advertisement paid for by a couple people on the DZSALauncher, anyone may also do thisย hereย for better advertisement to better benefit Vendetta DayZ

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