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Change List
- PKP & Mag added to server loot tier 3 & 4. Added to Black Market to purchase, able to sell at safe zone & black market.
- Disabled Raptor F150 at vehicle trader for selling due to a bug (Unsure if it's the trader or Psycho mod but I will contact both about this issue as it's out of our control to fix)
- Gold & Goodies category fixed at ground zero for selling gold and some Ground Zero goodies
- Ground Zero visuals updated with more built in the area
- Loot table updated for the new buildings added at ground zero
- PvP Event Zone implemented for admin hosted events

In Game "Handbook" Changes
-ย General Rulesย section rule #3 set to include description about no glitch raiding bases by any means.
-ย Safe Zone Rulesย section rule #4 to include no placement of "Safe" storage items in traders.

Updates To Come
- Custom vendetta plate carrier & helmet
- Custom Loading Screen

- In game modded NVG vignette style changed there should no longer be a black shroud around the outside of the NVG when worn so you may wear them with helmets (hope this fixes the issue with them having a flashing vignette)
Large Red Bracket atย the bottom may be done client side (your side on your own PC)

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