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Mod Changes
- Expansion minor update (Nothing implemented or changed for any items, bases or anything that I'm aware)
- Anzio 20x201mm rifle bullets are now tracer rounds instead of regular bullets
- Modular Vest System Install incoming with the restart in 30 minutesย (Remember to restart DZSALauncher to get the mod addition to the server on restart)

Change List
- Smoke grenade category fixed between the traders
- Gold & Goodies category changed to "Gold & Silver" specifically for the title of the category
- Ground Zero Goodies category created specifically for the ground zero goodies you can get as drops
- 5 total items added to the trader in the ground zero goodies category
- 4 items added to ground zero loot table (1 was already there, just needed to add it to the trader along with the 4 new additional items)
-ย  "Animals" removed from Ground Zero and merged with "Zombies / AI" because of an issue with the "Animal" entities not spawning properly
- Ground Zero Animal loot merged with Zombie AI loot table as the animals aren't spawning properly (I had them split so animals dropped ammo / mags where AI dropped weapons and such)
- Modular Vest System will be available to purchase items through the TRADER ONLYย (to keep the server loot clean and easier to find essentials otherwise it would be extremely cluttered with non-essentials / clothing)
- Prices disabled for MVS items at this time as we need to figure out a correct price range for all of it, some items are enabled as they have prices coordinated to their other respective items we have in game such as pants, jackets, shirts etc.
- If we ever have any of them added to the server loot table you may be able to find them with some attachments as the presets have already been implemented for this in the file structure however as mentioned prior, they are disabled for the time being

Upcoming Changes
- Custom Loading Screen
- Custom logo / discord link on Psycho Vehicles
- Custom clothing set from Psycho with vendetta logo / discord link attire coming eventually
- Ground Zero Helmet / Plate Vest coming eventually (looking for a developer that can do it for us as I already have the models / skins purchased and ready to go)
- New zombie / AI models from Psycho development crew to be implemented (Specifically for Ground Zero) in the future.

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