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Change List
- Auto restart set to every 6 hours, 12 & 6 AM / PM PST (West Coast US Time)

- Vendetta Masks added to zombie attachments to spawn 100% of the time on zombies visually
----- 98% chance for white, 1% chance of camo, 1% chance of gold

- Ground Zero Goodies category updated (Both Safe Zone / Black Market Traders) [Misc trader at Safe Zone]
----- Removed Ground Zero rifle / mag from weapons and added to ground zero goodies category
----- Added Ground Zero Helm / Vest to this category as well

- Vendetta Exclusive Content Updated! (Helmetsย / Vests)
- Added Ground Zero helm / vest to ground zero loot ONLY (Not buyable)
- Added other exclusive vests / helmets to ground zero loot, server loot military tier 3 / 4. Only 1 of each are able to spawn for the time being (Not available in trader)
- Added No Vehicle Damage to the server content pack (Did NOT work and is being removed with the next restart to the server)
- Adjusted values for new helmets / vests (Large storage capacity / good protection values implemented)
----- Ground Zero = Better than Mass Heavy Platesย 
----- Other Exclusives = Equal to Mass Heavy Plates
----- Helmets Adjusted as best possible may need adjustment later but serve GREAT value to head protection at this time (Not extremely high caliber defensive though)

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