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The following changes will take place with the server in 5 minutes.ย 
Change List
- Prep for 1.08 DayZ stable update for expansion changes (Files saved for upload when released)
- Ground Zero plate / helm defense values updated, they will not protect better (Still Testing Looking For Final Result As Desired)
- Removed shock values from GZ Helm / Plate
- Vehicle Spray Cans added from expansion to traders (not found in the world) to spray vehicles different colors for what's available (mainly expansion aircraft)
- Ground Zero Loot Rate Updated! (Increased some items to have a better chance at spawning)
- Anzio Anti-Material Rifle added to Ground Zero EXCLUSIVELY (Due to how over powered it is, it has been set to only be available at GZ, so you must piece it together, ammunition as well)
- Added Expansion Car Keys (Testing NOT CONFIRMED TO WORK YET)
- Separated MRAP that does NOT like to be sold in its category with a notice about it!
- Vehicle Radio / Cassettes added to the trader to play in some psycho vehicles that have the "Music" slot in the vehicle inventory
----- Once you turn it on with a cassette in it, put it in the vehicle and it will play, or hold it in your hand and it will play. Standing outside the vehicle look at the radio on the inside of the vehicle and it will prompt you "F"ย to REMOVE it.
----- There are a total of 9 cassette tapes at this time (More to come in the future! I know they will make more eventually and I've requested permission to make some for our server)

Future Plans
- Custom Loading Screenย (Thanks to Psycho development team)
- Custom Vendetta Clothing (Thanks to Psycho development team)
- 2 More Plate / Vest Camo Variants Coming (One set to match the orange Honey Badger Digital, The second will be a woodland camo pattern)
- New M200 Ground Zero variant coming soon!
- Plenty more I've noted without actually writing down so I forget quite often. =/

I may throw a few other things on here before I head to bed, anything I may have missed before. Anything posted late will be added BELOW.

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