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Chernarus Change List
- See lastย change logย (Here)
- C4 Removed Until Further Notice (Has geometry issues on explosion doing damage to surrounding structure instead of desired target) [May still be sold if found]
- Rely on the rockets, categories changed to note what's usable for raiding
- Defense on Ground Zero helmet / vest increased again (Still trying to get it to the desired state)

Deerisle Change List
- Configured for 1PP not 3PP
- Ground Zero installed (Old location in the north has been used)
- Custom Heli / Boat / Vehicle locations updated to include everything from main Vendetta server
- Safe Zone Traders installed, oriented properly and ready, equal to main Vendetta server
- Black Market built & traders installed (Including Heli trader) (Original CYS Location)
- Race track vehicle traders addedย NOT A SAFE ZONEย (Simply an extra location to buy / sell vehicles or use the track if you wish to race freely)
- Spawn Select configured, default gear load out to match Vendetta server
- Default Expansion Airdrops config used from Deerisle developers (For the time being)
- ATM established for Safe Zone ONLY
- Loot table configured to have everything that "matters" for the most part, spawn in majority locations on the map (Slight changes may occur later as necessary)
- Zombie loot configured similar to "Oldschool CYS" to give it that authentic feel, guns, mags, attachments, gear and more to be found in zombie inventory!

----- Waiting on a new instance to be configured for use through CFTools for kill feed, base building logs and other stuff at this time (Should be in within the next 24hr)
----- Auto restarts will match Vendetta server for 12/6 AM/PM PST
----- Safe Zone / BM Building zone, killing radius etc all set to 200m from locations (Info also in book rules, I will add it to discord shortly)

Server whitelist has been taken down, server name has been set and it's now live and available to connect!
ย unknown.png?width=400&height=289

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