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Complete Change List
- Trader keybind is now F
- Cassettes Addon now over 100 tracks available at vehicle traders
- Adjusted Deerisle race track spawn points for vehicles to spawn where they would as a race should begin
- 1.08 Vanilla Items Installed (All available at traders)
- In game "book" menu updated
- Fixed some trader categories
- Split files where needed for expansion new file integration
- Airdrops disabled for the time being (Waiting on Expansion Update)
- Expansion keys may have issues with vehicles at this time please avoid them for the time being
- Global text chat not working at this moment (Waiting on expansion update)
- Party Player Markers not working at this moment (Waiting on expansion update)
- Entering / Exiting aircraft / buss seats may cause client or server crash please avoid for time being!
- Modular Vest System removed for compatibility issues (Items left in traders as we will reinstall it, avoid buying the items for now)
- Base Furniture Mod 2.0 removed for compatibility issues (Itemsย left in traders as we will reinstall it, avoid buying the items for now)
- Psycho vehicles do not spawn or work at this second (Waiting on Psycho developers update, they are aware)
- Comp will not be given if you buy anything listed that should be avoided for the time being.
- Biathlon Arena implemented from vanilla DayZ (Loot should now be enabled)
- Munghards itempack updated inside VendettaRemastered pack (I will eventually check about new items that may be included)
- Removal of NewNVG mod to prevent future issues
- Hope to have reduced the amount of vehicle doors and unnecessary parts to clear up some loot space on both servers
- Updated price of the new "Party Tent" because it's garbage and needs to be much cheaper
- Added Expansion Crossbow / Bolts to the trader & Loot table (Adjusted price & amount set to spawn)
- Hard Capped Both Servers 75
- Temp mod installed in place of MVS, MVS_Fix
- Enabled Vanilla / Expansion base building. You should be able to use expansion code lock on vanilla, and destroy with explosives for proper base raiding mechanics to still take place.
- Disabled vehicles requiring key to start them
- Fixed zombies not spawning

I'm sure I've missed a few things more than likely as it's been a long day but I will post anything I forgot in here or the next change log!

Everyone can view the 1.08 update listย HERE


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