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Patch 1.8 NEW CONTENT!

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Known Issues
- Issues with expansion vehicles are well known and they are working on it!
- Global chat has been fixed but still wonky sometimes.
- Many things are broken at this time please wait for updates from expansion, community online tools and the rest of the development teams we run mods from.
- Expansion Merlin / Bus have been disabled from spawning / buying as they have teleportation and server crash issues (Devs are aware of this and working on it)

Change List
- Hope to have fixed excessive amount of vehicle parts spawning everywhere
- F150 class name updated in trader config for the red one to now be buyable / sellable when psycho vehicles are updated
- Disabled skyline base furniture for the time being in traders as the mods currently not updated
- Expansion update nothing major just bug fixing, not everything has been fixed yet
- Increased 408c rounds for the m200 to stack to 50
- Increased 12.7x55 rounds for the ash12 to stack to 50
- Fixed Deerisle Race Course spawn locations for vehicle traders to spawn as they should at the beginning of a race. Up to 8 positions from the front of the start line.
- Sell positions are the starting positions on the track locations 1 through 8 from the start line.
New M200, Honeybadger, M24 & Vendetta plate carrier variants added will be in traders later!

Ground Zero Changes
- Updated item drop rates
- Added an entire gear set see photos attached for better visual (Ground Zero Exclusive)
- No longer able to sell ground zero items such as rifle, vest, goodies, etc. at safe zone
- Moved "Ground Zero Goodies" category to it's own location at black market (both servers)
- Added white / blood pattern m200 variant (Ground Zero Exclusive)
- First ground zero vest carrier texture updated see photos attached for better visual
- Audio muffle fix incoming for bloody gasmask with next VendettaRemastered mod update

Cassettes Addon
- Dependency awaiting update for all tracks to work
- Officially started re-texture of various artists tracks
- Added over 100 with latest couple updates while dependency has been down
- Removal of Cassettes Addon from workshop for updating
- Added Cassettes Addon to workshop under another account

Old GZ Plate Style


New GZ Plate Style


Full New Uniform


New Ground Zero M200 (Black Variant Coming Soon)


Preview of SOME not all cassette retextures

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