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We have much planned for the server! A few good things to note from the updates the past few days.

Deerisle / Chernarus Change List
- Updated M24 description to display proper ammo required
- Added custom loading screen (Will be updated with the restart in an hour)
- Updated traders to remove duplicated metal plates so people can't make money buying and selling them
- Re-initiated merlin in trader / spawn so it can be used again
- Added spraycans for heli's as they seem to work now
- Added territory system for both servers
- Set max party system to 20
- Territory kit / flags added to trader
- Added expansion lumber type to traders


Takistan Server Progress
- Traders at every town configured (Need testing as there may be issues with some, they may not face the right way yet)
- Map markers added and colors configured for every city
- Added spawn select so you can spawn at any of the major towns
- Updated trader configs
- Temporary Black Market / Heli trader configured
- Max balance configured for 999M
- Expansion Handbook Updated In Game
- Vehicles / Heli's can now spawn around the map (May spawn on their side, will fix all in due time)
- Building towns with vanilla items has started. The only places finished so far are listed below.
----- Nur (Finished)
----- Zavarak (Finished)
----- Nasmar (Started Construction)

I'm sure I forgot some stuff, will keep this updated as I remember or with the next change log push.

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