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Change log's may be delayed as I am starting to get into importing items and making them usable in DayZ. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go however I have successfully added a handful of melee weapons that have been added to both servers.ย  I know I've missed things that should be added but honestly can't remember off the top of my head, so much has been going on with so many different files, changes, additions and it's just too much to keep the greatest track. But for the most part here's a decent update of everything that's been happening the past few weeks!

General Updates
- There will be an addition of 5 new guns.ย New shotgun, SMG, AR & Sniper that will be added to the server in the near future. They were purchased by staff & players together for a good little update for the server for some custom content. They will all have the vendetta logo "etched" into them as some others have and unique to our server.ย (Both Servers)
- Airdrop Loot Updatedย (Deerisle)
- Additional buildings & locations slowly being added (Deerisle)
- New military location near Portlandย (Deerisle)
- Discord ticket system changed entirely!
- Discord donation link & web link have changed, with the addition of new things in the store.
- Starter items changed, hoodie & knife are unique to Vendetta
- Deerisle has it's own currency exclusive to Vendettaย apart from the Chernarus currency

Ground Zero Changes
- No longer a specific location on the mapย (Deerisle)
- Changed into an Airdropย (Deerisle)
- Additional "Animal" AI added as possible event entitiesย (Deerisle)
- They still drop their original loot set as possible inventory loot (on top of the airdrop loot which is almost the same)ย (Deerisle)
- Exo-Suits can only be obtained by killing the exclusive "difficult" zombies at airdrops that have the zombies.ย (Deerisle)
- I'm sure I'm missing something not posted here...

Airdrop Changes
- Added airdrop mod to deerisle with the removal of expansion
- Possibility for bears / wolves to spawn with or without zombies as AI insteadย (Deerisle)
- Ground Zero changed to Ground Zero Airdrops (Specific end game gear available only from these airdrops)ย (Deerisle)
- Adjusted loot table entirelyย (Deerisle)

Trader Changes

- Black Marketย Location Change! (Deerisle, check in game map to see the new location)
- Complete overhaul of most prices (Deerisle)
- Exo-Suits added to sell (Deerisle)
- Addition of new trader for quick access kits (Deerisle, Chernarus to follow)
- New melee weapons (Deerisle, Chernarus to follow)
- Ground Zero trader added (For all exclusive GZ gear located at black market, to sell not buy) [Deerisle & Chernarus]
- Multiple exploits fixed for traders buy / sell prices (Please announce any found to staff immediately! Thanks in advance.
- I'm sure I'm missing something not posted here...

Utopia Map Mod Progress Check the discordย HERE
- Custom models, buildings and static assets
- Exotic locations are under way, we have a volcano Island and even an iceberg location players can base, loot & PvP.
- Needed models and assets are in the discord for everyone to see what we are trying to include into the map! Be sure to help out if you can!
- Scripts are needed for the map so please do help out as we need to pay for them to be created from scratch!
- Plenty more but too much to list.

unknown (6).png


unknown (2).png

unknown (3).png

unknown (4).png

unknown (5).png

unknown (8).png

unknown (9).png

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